About Yorbs

The name YORBS came from the founder’s name, ROY BAYONAS. YOR, if you read his first name backward and put BS for his last name BAYONAS. This has been his nickname since high school.

He graduated college at Bohol School of Arts and Trades taking up BSIT major in Electronics Technology. Electronics is his passion.

In our City, you cannot find components like arduinos, sensors and modules. So in 2015, He decided to start an online electronic store.

Yorbs Electronics is an organized and reliable online electronics store based in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.  It offers precise electronic products at cheaper prices since we bought them directly from trusted supplier and manufacturers.

We have an efficient ordering and shipping system.

We make a detailed description and usage of the products  making it ideal for students, enthusiasts, makers and innovators.

We do a methodical testing of products to guarantee a 100% working product before we ship it to our customers.

If you plan to visit our physical shop, this is our address:

2nd Fl. Gillamac’s Bldg., CPG Avenue
Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300

Contact Number: +63 917 505 9268