Home Automation

Home Automation is also called the “Internet of Things”. Home automation gives you the ability to control / access your devices at home with your mobile phone. Even if you’re faraway from home, as long as you have an internet connection, you can remotely control or access your devices. These devices includes your lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, security cameras, electrical sockets, door locks and alarm systems. It’s nice, right?

Technologies Used for Home Automation

  1. Microcontroller – is a small computer on a single integrated circuit.
  2. Sensor – is an electronic device, component or module used to detect events and changes in the environment like temperature, and sends the data to a microcontroller.
  3. Ethernet – is the most widely used communication protocol for local area networks.
  4. WiFi – is the technology for wireless local area networks.
  5. Bluetooth – is the standard used for short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, computers and other electronic devices.
  6. Zigbee is an open global standard for wireless technology designed to use low-power and long range digital radio signals for personal area networks.

Home Automation Benefits

Home owners are the main benefactor of home automation. Here are some of the benefits that they will get:

  1. Security – It’s worrisome when you’re at the office and you just found out that you forgot to lock your door.  With home automation, you can now lock it with your mobile phone. So your home is more secure.
  2. Energy Savings – Sometimes we forgot to turn off our lights in the morning. The system will automatically turn them off. Therefore, maximizing your energy savings.
  3. Safety – You feel safe when everything in your home can be accessed on your mobile phone. You can check if the doors and windows are closed. You can remotely check your home with your surveillance cameras.
  4. Convenience – Controlling your home at your finger tips is very convenient :).
  5. Saves Time – You never have to worry about opening the door when your children arrive from school. You can just open it remotely.
  6. Comfort – During summer, you can remotely turn on your aircon and adjust the temperature so that when you arrive from work, you don’t feel the heat of summer.
  7. Jobs / Economy – More jobs are needed to develop and manufacture these devices, therefore improving the economic condition.
  8. Peace of Mind – With all the benefits mentioned above, you now have a peace of mind.

How Can I Get Started?

With the recent advancement in microcontroller technologies, automating your home is now easy and fun. Your first step is to learn about microcontrollers. Don’t worry, we have written a short blog about microcontrollers. Click here to learn more about microcontrollers.


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