Rainbowduino 3.0


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This control panel is used to control 8 × 8 RGB LED matrix.
No external other circuits
24 fixed circuit channels, each 120mA
8 Super-driven channels, each 500mA
Output voltage range: 6.5V-12V DC
Dedicated GPIO and ADC
Support UART and I2C interface communication

Rainbowduino mode:
Standalone mode

Materials needed:
1 x Rainbowduino
1 x RGB LED matrix
Simple real-time animation Simple real-time animations calculated by the Rainbowduino
Previously stored animation playback, the maximum 32KB

Processor chip: Atmega 328
Chip Size: 60mm * 60mm * 1.6mm
Indicator: Reset, Power, Pin 13 LED
Operating voltage: 6.5-12 VDC (9 VDC recommended)
Power Interface: 2 pin JST Terminal Blocks, 3mm DC Jacks
Power Connection: Terminal Blocks
Codes interfaces: UART / ISP
LED matrix interface: 32
Expansion interface: 2.54mm bent pin
Communication protocols: I2C / UART
Input voltage: 6.5 ~ 12V
Global Current: 600 ~ 2000mA
Constant current channel (cathode): 24
Each cathode channel constant current: 20 ~ 120mA
Each source driver channel current (common anode grade): 500mA
Each channel source driver voltage (common anode grade): 9 ~ 12V
Source driver channels: 8
Can drive LED count: 192
Circuit response time: 10ns
Each LED colors: 4096
Uart Frequency: 115200baud



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